Imagine how exciting your children’s history lessons at school would be, if they could walk through the streets of ancient Rome or ride with the cavalry through the Battle of Waterloo

Seoul VR Technologies’ 3D Virtual Environments for Education provides teachers, students and educational institutions with a truly engaging way of teaching, learning and researching.  From children in kindergartens to doctoral students at a leading research university, we are able to incorporate traditional learning techniques with our virtual and augmented reality environments.

Our solutions for Education combine pre-built environments for the classroom, laboratory and library, as well as landscapes such as glacial valleys, battlefields and cities.  We are able to transport the students to the Oval Office and the Kremlin so they can see how Kennedy and Khrushchev handled the Cuban Missile Crisis, or to Archimedes’ bath to see why he cried Eureka.

The ability to integrate a vast array of information within the 3D Environment provides numerous opportunities for students to conduct additional research of related topics that interest them, thereby enabling learning adapted to each individual.  While experiencing a 3D Virtual Environment of Rainforest, some students may wish to learn more about the animals that live in the canopy or the decomposition process in the soil, while others may explore the carbon or water cycle.  This type of adaptive and flexible learning leverages the high levels of engagement within the 3D Virtual Environment and provides a springboard for teachers to encourage their students to pursue further learning.

Korea has long been a leader in education, with our schools and colleges ranking amongst the best in world.  Indeed the Hagwon system of night-schools is a multi-billion dollar industry within the country and by utilising virtual reality we seek to reduce the costs of education for students and their parents, as well as increase the accessibility for those unable to afford additional tuition.  In addition through increased levels of student engagement within the learning process, we seek to inspire, encourage and foster ever higher levels of academic achievement.

Seoul VR Technologies’ 3D Virtual Environments for Education has the ability to revolutionise education at every level by capturing the imagination of students and enabling academics to gain new perspectives on their subjects.

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