Imagine how you would walk through search results from Google and the webpages it has found like walking through a library to discover the information you want

Seoul VR Technologies’ 3D Virtual Environments for Media and Advertising enables a truly unique experience for the user.  In all media, especially, advertising and marketing, that almost always drives revenues, presentation is essential to engaging with the user.  The level of engagement is often able attract users to the website and therefore yield increased sales.

Using our 3D Virtual Environment for Media and Advertising, major advertising networks such as search and social media outlets are able to present third party adverts in a variety of unique ways.  For example, when a user searches for ski resorts in Korea, we are able to take the user to a 3D Environment of the Yongpyong Resort complete with its mountains and slopes, chalets and hotels, and its restaurants and shops.  Users are then able to virtually browse the amenities, exploring the points of interest to them.  Online advertising and social media networks will be able to present the paid for advertising throughout the resort enabling consumers to walk into a ski shop to buy that warm jacket, or new set of skis they are looking for.

Perhaps more profound is our ability to overlay the virtual world within the real world by harnessing the power of augmented reality.  In this scenario, users of an AR Interface such as glasses will be able to see online alternatives to products they see in the high-street in order to obtain a better deal, or find valuable information about the product they have seen.

Seoul VR Technologies’ 3D Virtual Environments for Media and Advertising increases the interaction and fosters consumer engagement with the product in a way that placement advertising cannot.  Online advertising networks are able to offer a qualitative advantage by incorporating our solutions for media and advertising which will help them attract clients to advertise their products or services on their network, and in turn help their clients attract consumers to visit their site, engage with their brand and buy their products and services.

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