The Seoul VR Technologies 3D Virtual Environments’ Technology Suite delivers everything required to build interactive 3D Virtual Environments.  We have combined state-of-the-art scanning techniques to map the real world in meticulous detail, and employ sophisticated software to build 3D models of everything from the shelves inside a supermarket to the outside of a new construction project.

Our software enables seamless integration and adaptation of pre-built skeleton environments which are already equipped with all the navigation and control features required for users to move through and interact with the environment in real time.  By harnessing the power of GPS, motion monitoring, gesture and audio commands which are pre-built into our customisable 3D Environments, we reduce the cost and deployment time of each project, as we tailor dimensions to exactly match the real world environment and install the detailed elements with it.

We are able to overlay our skeleton environments to match the dimensions of the real world environment which we have scanned, moving pre-built features such as walls, floors and ceilings, changing the position of staircases, doors and windows, and changing the shape of the interior and exterior of buildings.  By overlaying the features of the real world environment onto the tailored skeleton environment, we are able to produce highly lifelike environments, not only in the way they look, but also in the way users experience them.  The significant cost and time savings involved in this approach provides a major competitive and comparative advantage to our company.

Our 3D Virtual Environments’ Technology Suite is able to capture and process a variety of detailed elements such as automotive components, archaeological artefacts or items of clothing and transpose them into a range of pre-built customisable 3D Environments such as a car, a museum or retail store.  In addition, our 3D Virtual Elements are able to be incorporated into the real world view through our AR integration package.  This creates a feature rich and highly detailed environment which can be viewed from perspectives ranging from a few centimetres to several kilometres into the horizon.

The possibilities of this technology are not just limited to the built environment, but also to the interior of the human body or the surface of Mars; the only limit is your imagination.

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