Imagine how easy looking for a new home would be if you could experience what it was like to live somewhere without having to go there…

Searching for the right property has traditionally involved numerous viewings, which occupy a significant amount of time for both homebuyers and real estate agents.  Whilst the advent of the internet and an array of digital photos has reduced the time and cost involved in the real estate business, potential buyers frequently need to view the property again to consider where their sofa could fit or whether the kitchen was big enough.  Although almost every buyer and renter will wish to physically visit the property prior to signing a contract, the power of 3D Environments for Real Estate will bring further benefits to the industry.

Seoul VR Technologies’ services for the property industry enables agents to scan the property and produce a 3D Virtual Environment of a house or apartment, which potential buyers or renters can explore from the comfort of their current home.  A virtual viewing of a property by a prospective buyer can incorporate being guided around the key features of the property by the agent, either in real-time or by developing a virtual guide.

In addition to creating 3D Virtual Environments of the inside of the property, the exterior of the building can also be virtually visualised in 3D and overlaid into a street view or multi-level building where property owners could walk down and see the houses on offer, instead of looking through pages of listings on a website.  This means not only are their reductions in costs and time involved in unnecessary viewing, but it significantly enhances the quality of service and customer experience, thereby driving sales.

Listing properties in 3D Visualisation provides a highly engaging way for buyers or renters to discover and explore what is important to them.  Furthermore information can be updated in real-time and buyers can view properties whenever it is convenient for them, either through an immersive 3D Interface such as a headset or in less immersive but more widely available technologies such as a smartphone, tablet, PC or TV.

Seoul VR Technologies’ 3D Virtual Environments for Real Estate enhances the user experience which can help attract buyers or renters and drive your sales process.

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