Imagine how a disabled person would feel being able to stand on the terraces of Machu Picchu or next to the Great Wall of China

A 3D Visualisation of major tourist destinations provides an interactive 3D Virtual Environment for travellers and tourists to experience and discover a multitude of locations and sights.  These environments include the natural world from the Grand Canyon to the Barrier Reef, historical sites from Pompeii to the Taj Mahal, as well as the resorts, hotels, campsites, cruise ships and airports that comprise each destination.

The uses for Seoul VR Technologies’ 3D Virtual Environments for Travel & Tourism are almost as expansive as the world it will help your customers discover, from enabling customers to view your resort to marketing an entire region or country, from creating the opportunity for disabled people to visit a previously inaccessible place to providing an alternative way for tourists to visit a must see place which is straining under tourist levels.

Seoul VR Technologies’ 3D Virtual Environments for Travel & Tourism enables resort owners and tour agents to create a 3D Visualisation of a resort or hotel, which enables potential customers to explore a highly realistic representation of the resort, highlighting the main facilities and attractions which will help secure bookings.  Our software allows for the creation of virtual guides who take the visitor around your destination, and can combine perspectives of the interior as well as the exterior of your resort.   This provides you with a qualitative advantage over your competitors, driving potential customers to take a look and helping you to secure more bookings.

This platform is fully scalable, meaning that it can easily be adapted to showcase everything from a boutique hotel through to an entire city, region or country.  We are able to integrate our 3D Virtual Environments within marketing campaigns for historical sites and regions, which can assist a site operator or tourism board in a variety of ways.

There are obvious advantages of marketing a destination using an interactive 3D Environment in similar ways to marketing a resort, however for many historical sites such as Machu Picchu and even entire cities such Venice, limiting tourist numbers is becoming more important as they crumble under sheer numbers of people who want to visit these must-see sights.  By enabling people to visit these sites virtually for a fee can enable the operators of tourist destinations to better balance revenue with conservation.

Conversely to limiting access to a site, Seoul VR Technologies’ 3D Virtual Environments enable visitors who would previously have been unable to access a destination, due to the limits of time, distance, cost and disability to experience places they only every dreamed of going.  The broad range of solutions for operators of tourist destinations using Seoul VR Technologies’ 3D Virtual Environments for Travel & Tourism make this a compelling service.

Seoul VR Technologies’ 3D Virtual Environments for Travel & Tourism creates highly realistic, interactive and engaging representations, which will help your resort, tour agency, historical site, city and beyond attract interest, provide accessibility, drive visitor numbers and secure a larger share of the multi-billion dollar tourist industry.

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