Imagine how inspiring it would be to have a virtual Michelangelo as your tour guide of the Vatican or Gustav Eiffel taking you up his tower…

Seoul VR Technologies’ 3D Virtual Environments for Venues allow a highly detailed and interactive model of your museum, exhibition hall, theatre, sports stadium, concert arena or other venues to be created.  This enables visitors to orientate themselves with the building prior to visiting, which could help fill the arena quickly before the curtain is raised or ensure that every visitor knows where the gift shops are thereby increasing potential revenues.  It can also be used in the planning and organisation of museum exhibitions and trade shows facilitating a more visitor friendly floor plan or attractive layout of the art or booths.

In addition, individual exhibitions or performances can be integrated into the 3D Visualisation of the venue.  Incorporating components such as highly detailed scans of paintings and sculptures in a virtual museum, or by combining a live performance at a concert or at the theatre can dramatically increase the audience beyond the physical limits of the venue, whilst enhancing the virtual visitors experience beyond what they can do or see using alternative media such as print, radio or TV.  And for those who would otherwise be unable to visit or access a venue due to real world limitations of distance, time or disability, Seoul VR Technologies’ 3D Virtual Environments for Venues means they can enjoy an immersive experience without having to physically visit the museum, trade show, exhibition, concert or performance.

Utilising the power of AR, we are able to bring the real life experience of visiting a venue to life in ways that truly capture the imagination.  Replacing traditional audio guides with AR Glasses enables venues to bring their exhibitions to life.  A virtual guide can wander the museum with the visitor, or as the user approaches a painting the artist can be brought back to life to share their perspective of their work.  We can put gladiators into the Coliseum or garrisons onto the Great Wall of China, bringing these locations to life and transporting the user back in time, as well as creating a truly unique user experience.

Seoul VR Technologies’ 3D Virtual Environments for Venues help with many common issues relating to planning, organisation and access of major events, and add significant quality to the overall user experience, thereby driving visitors to your venue.

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