Imagine how much money could be saved on a prototype of a new car or plane that could be modelled enabling thousands of consumers to test the features before millions were spent manufacturing them…

Seoul VR Technologies’ 3D Virtual Environments for Research & Design provides scientists, engineers, product designers, architects and interior designers with highly detailed, adaptable and intuitive virtual models enabling them to solve complex questions through visualisation.  Our solutions for R&D combine pre-built environments for the automotive, aviation, architecture, construction, electronics, furniture and interior design industries which allow designers to incorporate detailed elements from a jet engine to a kitchen table, expanding the range of ideas that can be tested and increasing the quality of the visualisation of traditional CAD, at a fraction of the cost of prototyping.

Seoul VR Technologies provides our R&D clients with a highly scalable, adaptable and precise tool for development of new products.  We take plans from the drawing board and make them reality, enabling designers to better conceptualise the products they plan to produce.  Without the costs of production or prototyping, designers are able to explore the product within the environment it is intended to be used, and where flaws are found they can revert to the drawing board to improve and refine them with little extra costs in time or money when compared to traditional techniques.  In addition, designers can also test the user experience of their designs before producing them by enabling consumers to test the features and provide invaluable feedback in order that they may refine or redesign the product.

Within the field of architecture and interior design, our Virtual Environments bring blueprints to life enabling designers to push the boundaries of possible layouts without the significant risks associated with building adventurous designs.  Our technology suite enables designers to find solutions and developers to make decisions based upon a highly accurate and interactive virtual experience before significant investment is required, thereby reducing costs, improving quality and accelerating the decision making process.

Seoul VR Technologies’ 3D Virtual Environments for Research & Design enables scientists, engineers, product designers, architects and interior designers to bring their ideas to life, saving time and capital as well as improving the quality of the finished product.

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